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Get your company on the path to success.
No more worries about the financials of your business!
Focus on what you do best,
We'll handle the rest!

Best bookkeeping services for growing businesses

Grand Total gives you the freedom to focus on growing your business.

Each month, you will receive detailed financial reports.

Get additional services, beyond the books


Sometimes businesses need financial support beyond bookkeeping. Grand Total Bookkeeping can provide to you a clear picture of the finances which will help you to make a wise decision to increase profits.

Need more strategic support?

We build budgets and forecasting. 

We provide employee productivity report

Why you should outsource your business to Grand
Total Bookkeeping?


If you own a business that specializes in landscaping, you as the owner know the landscaping industry inside and out.  You know what types of materials work for each type of land and how to provide the best results for your customers. 


What you don’t specialize in is Proper Categorization of Expenses, Month/Year-End Financials, Job Costing, Analysis of Finances, Employee Productivity Reports, Overhead Analysis, Budget Overview, Financial Analysis and Consulting. 


Even if you understand and know how to create and manage these financial aspects of your business, you don’t have the time!  You are busy making money and building clientele.

An outsourced bookkeeping company can keep track of all these aspects of your business for you, and ensure your resources are allocated properly. An effective bookkeeping company will also provide you simple, easy to understand, custom reports to show you where you need to focus your efforts.


  • Categorize income and expenses

  • Input bills and print checks

  • Reconcile bank and credit card statements monthly

  • Produce and send financial reports monthly

  • ​Clean up books

  • ​1099 filing

  • Produce Financial Statements

  • ​Budget and Forecasting

  • Financial Analysis

  • Internal Control Analysis


  • Free 45 minutes consultation for prospective clients.


  • After a diagnostic review of your books, a fixed monthly rate will be established so that you can budget for this service.


My prices compared to paying an employee, will actually save you money. Click on the link below or copy and paste to your browser to learn from an article published by Small Business Administration about how much an employee cost:'s%20a%20rule%20of%20thumb,range%20from%20%2443%2C750%20to%20%2449%2C000.



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